The Advice Line

Are you sick of trying to find that perfect someone to listen to your problems and help you find a solution? The Advice Line changes all that. You won’t need friends after us. You won’t need parents, life coaches or confidants. We’re like that helpful older sibling you never had. We are those ‘perfect someones’. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about surviving in this ridiculous, harsh, beautiful world.

The Advice Line is, at its simplest, a show that covers everyday issues that apply to everyday young people – from what shoes are appropriate to wear in quicksand to the correct number of Holy Mary’s to say in an exorcism. We plan to answer and advise you in all areas of life, big or small.

The anonymous text/SMS line (0427 767 767), Twitter (@advicelineradio) and this Facebook page are essential elements of the show. Don’t be afraid to jump online and ask us a question about almost anything (anything). We’ll do our best to knuckle down, research and draw upon our own life experiences to get you some information while wading through some serious banter.