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The Age Of Resistance

The Age Of Resistance

Our homage to youth. An audio shrine to ‘no regrets’.

Soaring through a youthful bucket list. 

We believe adulthood should only be adopted once the youth inside of you is satisfied with its accomplishments. Be they silly, impulsive, adrenalin-fuelled or just plain dumb.
This is of course not to say that one cannot have fun, be silly or impulsive as they reach “adulthood”, but the premise of our show is about getting as much silliness and impulsiveness out of our systems so we can walk into adulthood satisfied with our 23 years (and a little less distracted on “adult” things).
We’re not getting engaged, we’re not budgeting, we’re not applying for secretary jobs in “dream” companies with plans to “work our way up”. We’re 23 and we don’t want to pay bills, pay rent, pay tax or pay attention.