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The Alphabet of Random Shenanigans.


My name’s Michelle and welcome to the radio show with the longest title ever*

So why is it called The Alphabet of Random Shenanigans? It’s because at the beginning of each show, all the letters of the English alphabet will be written on individual pieces of paper, placed in a hat (yes, there will be a hat – without a cat, maybe) and one letter will be chosen TO RULE THEM ALL and by THEM ALL I mean for that show.

For example; The letter J is chosen so we could talk about a range of things; from juice boxes to juggling and wanting to meet and karaoke with Jackie Chan (It could happen, never give up on your dreams folks)

The Alphabet of Random Shenanigans is an opportunity where you (yes you. Speaking of which did you steal the cookie from the cookie jar?), can chat about whatever you want, as long as it somehow relates to the letter or topic on the show.

There’ll be jokes (especially puns. If you don’t like them then you don’t have to taco ‘bout it), random facts, good tunes and much more!

So listen in on Saturdays from 8pm to 9pm and join the potential fun!

*This has not been confirmed…yet

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