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The Fantascope Variety Hour

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”  – Henry Thoureau

What if we told you that you never had to be afraid of nightmares? That you could realise your greatest dreams? That the key to eternal happiness lies at the bottom of the deepest, darkest slumber? 

All of this can come true with the Fantascope, a product of New Horizons, Incorporated.


The Fantascope uses cutting edge technology to record a sleeping user’s dreams. The dreams are stored in our DreamBank for playback and analysis. New Horizons has established a team of dream doctors to help analyse our customer’s dreams and provide theraupeutic solutions to common life problems. 


New Horizons, Incorporated is the world’s greatest philanthropic organisation. We believe the Fantascope is the key to true happiness for all human beings. We envision an entire world of sleeping Fantascope users, all connected to the DreamBank, all sleeping as one.


Unfortunately, at this stage the Fantascope is considered “highly illegal” by Federal regulators. We encourage you to write to your local Member of Parliament and demand that they stop this fascile blockade and let the Fantascope into this wonderful country. True happiness awaits.


As we wait for the Fantascope to be released on our shores, New Horizons has created an information program, hosted by Dr Brant Goodwell and Dr Wayne Fogstone. They’ll be spending every Friday night telling you about the Fantascope, its wonderful properties and health benefits, and playing you some real-life dreams from some of our users.

Please gather your family and listen to the Fantascope Variety Hour, where we turn fantasy … into reality. 


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