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The Glam Gizmo

Lifting The Veil Between Reality And Weird…

The Glam Gizmo is SYN’s wild endeavor into the world of audio fiction with richly produced full-cast stories embedded in a world of Melbourne sounds and strange monsters.

The story follows an ensemble of unlikely heroes, Max, Lucy, Violet, Yodalin and Casper as they are pitted against the forces of evil from other dimensions, while the elusive Professor Paradox and Mr. Serenity steer them in the right direction.

The series stars Clint Facey (Home and Away) as Max as well as several guest stars; Gary Boulter (Packed to the Rafters), David Callan (Triple J), Simon Fisher-Becker (Harry Potter and the Philsopher’s Stone, Doctor Who), James Barnett (Night’s End Podcast) and Benjamin McEllen (Transmansplaining).

The series is produced and written by Tom Denham and spans across two seasons (14 episodes in total).

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“The Glam Gizmo takes off like a rocket. A sci-fi comedy horror filled with all the best ‘Scooby Doo’ style plot points and effects to keep us guessing and laughing at the same time – 4.5 stars.” – 

“The Glam Gizmo cheerfully leans into the eccentric and bizarre, even while blood is spilled loudly and with gusto.” – Bello Collective


Season One:


1.1 – The Strings That Pull

As Max paves his way through monotony, dishes and bills, he is confronted by Boltizor, a horrific man with characteristics of a snake, who is harvesting human skin and organs for his malevolent master plan. After meeting Lucy, they band together to put an end to the unearthly occurrences with a few bizarre predicaments they face along the way.



1.2 – The Soul Collector

Max and Lucy’s long evening takes them to a haunted house on a hill in Fitzroy, where a young woman named Violet is guarding a secret.



1.3 – The Thick Of It

Yodalin’s life is turned upside when she’s offered the job of a lifetime, but as she soon finds out, the consequences may be more severe than she realised.



1.4 – The Embers That Shine So Bright

Melbourne spirals into a deep fatigue as a light as bright as the sun keeps the city in eternal daytime and it’s up to Lucy, Violet and Casper to save the day.



1.5 – Missing Piece

Young Australian writer Christina Lockwood is sought after by the elusive Genesis Serenity who sends her on a mission to find the hidden pieces of a device known as the Keppell Machine…



1.6 – The Monsters of Melbourne

The team are in disarray as they each try to cope with a life facing new monsters on a weekly basis, but the situation doesn’t get any better for Lucy and Casper when they discover that Flinders Street Station has been taken over by giant vampirific spiders.

Which is only the beginning as Violet finds a nest of the same spiders in a downtown warehouse, but she is visiting there on a very different agenda.

As forces align and the battle draws closer, the celestial beings grow worrisome, for a deadly decision must be made before the night is over.



1.7 – There May Be Giants

The end is here, but the moment has been prepared for.

Violet has been given an impossible choice to make as the whole of reality lies on her shoulders.

But two old rival elders of the celestial realm have other things on their mind.


Season Two:


2.1 – Gate Crashers

It’s been a year at most since life turned back to normal.

Lucy and Max are getting ready for their big day and Yodalin prepares to say goodbye to somebody important.

Meanwhile, Casper is fighting his inner demons and Professor Paradox has to go on a journey – one that transcends reality itself.

But will an unwelcome guest arrive to ruin the wedding?


2.2 – The Curious Case of the Speckled Hen

Professor Paradox takes Yodalin across the dimensional plane, but on her return home, she finds herself in another version of reality that is quite different from her own.

After meeting an alternate version of Lucy, she soon learns events in this new timeline occur ever so differently. Professor Paradox exists as a science fiction show, a man named Hector is in charge of operations at Celestial Avenue and a man named Conrad is obsessed with Yodalin… and it’s 1968.


2.3 – Blood of the Crawlies

When two strangers meet on a Melbourne tram late one night, the last thing they expect is to be ambushed by a group of giant flesh hungry spiders.

The Crawlies are back and nobody is safe.


2.4 – A Day in the Death

Violet and Croaky travel from an alternate reality to the underworld to deliver an important message, but they soon find out the bus fares are not cheap.


2.5 – The Adaxis Asperity

Gibbons has a mission. A Very important mission. When he breaks into the National Gallery to steal a priceless jewel, the last thing he expects is to come across a lost child. But there’s an evil force beyond the physical realm that is lingering and it has eyes on Gibbons.


2.6 –Bone Island

Lucy and Yodalin set off to sail to investigate an island off the coast of Victoria, one where bodies were dumped not long after Australian colonisation, but a dark secret lies there waiting for them. Max receives a visit from two strangers who inform him that another secret is leading towards his name, but what could it possibly mean?


2.7 –The Bard at Factor’s End

Max has an impossible choice to make. Will he decide to live in a world of lies or truth? As time ticks away, the Clockmaker grows stronger and the walls of reality are crumbling.

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