The Illustrious Fact Show

Did you know the colour blue was invented in 1969 by the CIA to make children spend more time reciting the rainbow?
Did you¬†know that whisks can’t be untangled?
Did you know that crabs don’t poop?

I did*. Of course I did*.

Hi. I’m Ben Volchok. I’m the only person ever to know everything about everything ever.

Come meet me at my illustrious show, featuring illustrious guests, illustrious prizes and yes, literally squillions of illustrious facts.

Learn and/or be learned.

(*and do)


The Illustrious Fact Show is a late-night TV variety fact show programme type thing that has as of yet never been shown on TV, or even filmed. Your illustrious host Ben Volchok has thus decided to perform it live on stage, on the Internet and even right here on radio.

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