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The Love of a Nerd

We all have that one friend that is absolutely crazy about something. A show, a movie, a game. And you might just think to yourself, why? What’s it all about? It might be dangerous to ask them, so here’s a show where you can get an overlook. A taste.

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Season 02, Week 11 – The Nostalgia Critic

Erik Magister is joined once again by The Punk as they talk about one of their favourite reviewers: The Nostalgia Critic. Rahven […]


Season 02, Week 10 – PAX

Erik Magister goes to PAX 2014.  Special thanks to all interviewees.   Please check out  Conjure the by Info”>Gaming Retro Gamer My […]


Season 02, Week 08 – Survival Horror with Guest

Erik Magister is joined by co-founder of Rahven Wel Studios, The Punk.   AIRED:  30/11/2014, SYN 90.7