The news show formally known as…. The New Newz of the World

The rumors are true!
Your fears are correct!!
We’ve taken the world hostage…

Welcome to he news formally known as….
The New Newz of the World
(Murdock free since february)
The New Newz of the World presents the latest in news and current affairs. Taking on topics from Kony to The News of the World scandel, our enthusiastic and informed presenters will educate you on what to think (and how to feel).((and how to feel it))
We are your crack team of ‘insert cleaver adjative here’ journalists

and we’re ready to bring the facts….. HARD!
Traveling the globe, via the internet, we will bring you the news to you.
Without coffee
Without fact
Without the safety of your mothers embrace
We will bring the news to you.
Really, we’ve immunised against all kinds of nasty diseases and have signed contracts, in blood, releasing us of all holidays and free time. In return Alex got a ticket to the war torn countries of the Congo and cover a wedding… IT WAS ANNULLED!
Got a scoop? Contract our produces/ faceless puppeteers at [email protected]