The Number 2 Draft Picks

 Kit Harvey and Matt Smolen’s latest radio venture. An ideal mix of miscellaneous discussion, sports chat and general tomfoolery ‘The Number Two Draft Picks’ is bound to at least alert you to the fact that it is a Sunday night.

In a society plagued with TOP NEWS STORIES, we aim to bring you the underdogs in the world of news, sport, entertainment and rubber ducks. Of course, you couldn’t find any other show like this anywhere else – we’ve even laced every segment with twice the recommended daily intake of puns just so we can keep it that way. Plus, we’ll answer any question. At all. Anything. Go on. We dare you.

You can find us the following ways…

SYN 90.7fm or streaming online at

10:00pm – 11:00pm Every sunday night! (right after The Naughty Rude Show!)