The Show Tonight Live

The Show Tonight Live is a complete variety show that incorporates Radio Skits, ‘Celebrity Interviews’, Games, Funny Anecdotes, A Hilarious look at Pop Culture plus much more to make Radio Fun!

Every week we bring in a fresh and entertaining show to the airwaves unlike anything we’ve heard before, including quirky special guests, games like ‘Will It Stick’ where YOU can win some really crappy prizes, and in-house competitions that usually end up with one of us doing something that we really don’t want to do! (By the way, don’t EVER drink a Spam milkshake).

Here at The Show Tonight Live, we believe that radio is more than a communication medium, it’s also an Entertainment medium, and we settle for nothing less than a really fun show that gets everyone involved.

So tune in to The Show Tonight Live with Aaron and Jay, Sundays from 10pm!