The Solo System

Join Mar, Mike and Li Li in the show all about the ups and downs of being single.
If Lana Del Rey’s lyrics are anything to go by, life is only worth living if somebody is loving you. So, what could this possibly mean for those of us who have been unlucky in love? That is what ‘The Solo System’ is all about.

We will celebrate – as well as lament – life as a single in Melbourne.

We will be telling anecdotes, sharing experiences and offering advice to those who, like us, have yet to find their better half. However, the show will not only be about us self-indulging in our pathetic and lonely lives. Apart from all the whinging and the feeling sorry for ourselves, ‘The Solo System’ will also aim to highlight the advantages and perks that come with not having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

We are not relationship experts by any stretch, but we feel like we have something to say. We are confident that we would be able to give our audience a sincere insight into what the world of a single girl/guy is really like.

We want to give a voice to those hapless people who are always the third wheel; those who are always the bridesmaid, but never the bride; those who (whether by choice or not) are riding solo through this crazy world. We are just three of the thousands and thousands of forever alones out there.