The Trash

Every Sunday night, Beth and Tim will pick one genre or style of TV programming, and sink their critical teeth into it. Actually, we won’t just sink our teeth in; we’ll tear pieces out of them as if these genres were delicious hunks of seasoned meat and/or soy product. They even did a Survivor challenge like that once. Google it.
But we digress. The Trash won’t be simplistic bitchery about how heinously annoying MasterChef contestant X is; nor will it be gossip about silliness of Charlie Sheen’s latest sexual exploits or bland reviews of the télévision du jour. We’ll look back and see how different TV genres have developed through time; contemplate what elements constitute so-called “good” and “bad” TV and why.
Reality competitions; “intelligent” Mad Men-esque drama; lame spinoffs – we’ll rummage through the trash to uncover the treasures of any television genre, even if we have to get yucky televisual garbage-juice on our metaphorical hands.
It’s not TV: it’s HBO The Trash. Every Sunday from 11pm.