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The Wind Up - Saturdays 8:00pm, SYN 90.7FM

The Wind Up – Always Aussie, Always A Party

The Wind Up – always Aussie, always a party.
The best dance, electronic, and indie on offer for your pre-gaming. Join Imo for The Wind Up on SYN 90.7FM, Saturdays from 8:00pm.



“Isn’t The Wind Up just a sweatier, shorter rip-off of our show?”
The Hoist

“Running a show 5 days a week from 6am is hard enough, sweetie. Ruin my weekend too? No thanks.”
Get Cereal

“Look, we both say ‘filthy’, ‘dirty’, and ‘sexy’ a lot but that’s where the similarities end.”
The Naughty Rude Show

“I listened to the whole show once and told all my customers about it. SYN convert for life.”
– Charles, Uber Driver


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