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From our partners at Woroni Radio. The best bits from Woroni’s radio shows and podcasts, broadcast from the Australian National University in Canberra.

Featured shows

Don’t Govern My Dog

Don't Govern My DogDon’t Govern My Dog is a Frankenstein’s monster of a podcast. Three hosts, two topics, one hour. On alternating weeks, listen to Ben & Matt discuss topical issues coming out of the US or Vy & Matt draw comparisons between old and new films. DGMD seeks to find the broader themes hiding in politics and cinema; love, fear, faith and anger. Critics have yet to review this show, so it must be good.

It’s Eurovision

Its Eurovision Hello, Nat and Sam calling! Welcome to It’s Eurovision. Our show was born in 2018 at Burgmann College at the Australian National University (ANU). Our friendship began as we were both wide-eyed first years bursting with passion for the world’s greatest and wackiest entertainment show: The Eurovision Song Contest. To maintain the sanity of our other friends and to make a more productive use of our time, we decided to take our invaluable opinions from the dining hall to the radio studio. From the history to the politics, from the sequins to the songs, we cover it all. After three years, the passion is as strong as ever and we are looking forward to everything ahead with Woroni Radio and SYN Media.

Let’s Be Candid

A very honest and open discussion about navigating uni-life, Canberra, The Australian National University; young people and more!

Nothing Major

Nothing Major Welcome to Nothing Major with Cate and Bella! Our show serves as a discussion of social issues inspired by the content of our gender studies arts major. By hopefully deconstructing the social perceptions of gender and sexuality studies as a ‘bludge’ subject, we aim to make its theory and content accessible and digestible to an everyday audience and reveal the inherent underlying discriminatory ideals which surround us each and every day.