The Hypothetical

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Following a gross miscalculation of talent and aptitude, two dudes wind up cracking jokes on a radio show while discussing absurd hypothetical scenarios.

There is an art to the question. Really? Yes. A good question does not just seek a response, it demands one. Nay, a conversation. And when such a question is so thoroughly divorced from reality, something magical happens: the answer ceases to have consequence.

So join us as we answer absurd questions and solve non-existent problems, very occasionally exploiting our objective viewpoint high above reality and delving deep into the human psyche. Listen along as we simultaneously attempt to break the record for most jokes per minute in unscripted dialogue, and text or tweet us your own answers and opinions so we may laugh mercilessly at your ignorance.

What sort of questions will be asked? These sort: What if no-one could go outside when it was raining? If you could run a totalitarian regime, would you? Who could eat 60 pancakes faster – 7 adults or 12 eight year-olds? What if all humans suddenly rejected the concept of currency?
In a lacklustre attempt to add cohesion to the show, each episode will carry a theme, such as “Physics Gone Wrong”, “That’s Far Too Many” or “Help! The Internet!”

But why? I hear you ask. Why such nonsense? Why now, in a world  full of insane people going insane? Why subject your family, friends, and god-forbid innocent strangers to this lunacy?

Yes, those are all questions, but they are not hypothetical. Try again.

Actually, allow us.