‘Tom et al.’

 ‘Tom et al.‘ is an irreverent mix of sketches, direction-less chat and a live radio play. Join Tom Carmody each Sunday from 10am-12pm through January, as he broadcasts live from an unnamed beach location with a host of named co-hosts. Tune in to hear regular segments such as “The Long Wave of Greeting” – a film noir parody inspired by the works of Raymond Chandler – as well as ‘Spin the dial’ – where Tom searches the airwaves to see what else is on the radio at the same time. 
‘Tom et al.’ – 10am-12pm Sundays through January.
“…” – The Age
“The [best] thing to come out of [SYN] since [sliced bread]” – The Herald Sun
“The Dow Jones rose 3 points” – Financial Review