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Too Much Exposition

Join Claudia and Pedro as they take you through some of the lowest rated films ever made, discussing the twists, tropes and mishaps that led to such a low amount of stars, all interspersed with the appropriate awkward soundtrack. We ask Who, What, Where and When, but most of all we ask: Why?

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TME Episode 12: Finale

(Originally broadcast 13/7/2014) In the final episode of Too Much Exposition, Claudia and Pedro just happen to run into Greg Sestero. PLAYLIST: […]


TME Episode 11: Noah

(Originally broadcast 06/07/2014) Claudia, Pedro, and Special Guests Amali and Yo’ael spend the entire episode talking about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Seriously. PLAYLIST: […]


TME Episode 10: Nicolas Cage

(Originally broadcast 29/06/2014) Claudia, Pedro, and Special Guest Dr Amali discuss the enigmatic, polarising Nic Cage. PLAYLIST: Joe Gorman –┬áNicolas Cage: The […]