Episode 12: This week our hosts Sujay & Steve and Karan will be talking about the boxing day specials and will be ending the season of “Uni Frequency”. As this is the end of our season, in this last episode we thank everyone to support our show and showing it so much love. We are all thankful to the Management team and our lovely listeners to make this show run so well and create beautiful memories.

So tune in to our show on this Saturday at 5 PM only at Frequency 90.7 @synmedia or alternatively on the digital platform to kick start your weekend good music! 🙌 

Have you heard of RUSU in “UNI FREQUENCY” show?

RUSU is the RMIT University Student Union – a completely independent student-run organisation that is the heart of student life at RMIT. We’ve been delivering events and services to the students of RMIT for over 75 years! We host awesome parties, events and workshops. We also have heaps of clubs to choose from, amazing volunteer opportunities and we campaign on issues that affect you. PLUS RUSU is here to support you! Especially during this tough time – with our professional staff at the Compass Drop-In centre and the RUSU Student Rights service.

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