What Matters With Marco

What Matters With Marco, well what really does matter with Marco? From 11pm to 12am I, Marco, will be discussing such areas of ‘matter’ that you (the listeners) can engage in. Areas of interest include: 

  • Education (Things you need to know!)
  • Comedy (jokes jokes jokes!!)
  • Trivia (This will include famous quotes and fun facts)
  • Current Affairs (or topics that you may find to be helpful)
  • Music (Playing all of my favourites ferom the 50;s to today(Which i will try to cover broadly))

Tune in to WMWM late night drive home (If you actually arte driving home and happen to tune in on SYN FM 90.7) I garuntee that you will become knowledge rich after tuning in to What Matters With Marco; abbreviated WMWM, every Sunday evening 11pm to 12am.