With Golden Soil & Wealth For Toil

Thursdays Midnight – 1AM (Friday), Season 2 2013SEASON 2!Every week, Dominic digs deep and searches for what Gina Rinehart desires most – Australia’s Heaviest Metals.Smashing through Hard Rock, sifting through golden punk-pop nuggets, finding the ore in Metalcore, and getting his face-smelted from the Blackest of Metals, Dominic always finds and plays the gems discovered in our own backyard.Whether it’s a great old diamond or fresh from the underground, you’ll hear it loud, With Golden Soil & Wealth For Toil on SYN.Want to hear your favourite song? In a Band and have a demo you want played on the air? Want to talk to me about anything at all?EMAIL ME….                        over here—————> [email protected]