Wogz 4 Lyf (the Ethnocultural Hour)

Oh ma gawd bro, check out that fully sick car.

Muzzas, wogs, marias, guidos, europeans unite! This show is the finest in our little world. We have a beautiful culture, so we thought we’d put all our dirty laundry on air.

What can you expect?

The finest in leopard print, personalised number plates, spit roasts, vegie patches, blonde regrowth and, of course, family. Weekly segments include: Wog Newz, Eurovision updates and releases, Wog Frenz from around the world and all things Wacky, tacky and glitter.
Every Sunday from 2-3pm be transported into a Wunderful World of Wog. No week will be complete without an awkwardly embarrasing panelling faux par in Wog Teknowl3gy and a Pointer Sisters song.