Words With Acquaintances

Welcome to Words With Acquaintances, a weekly show celebrating the best of words, in stunning high definition. That is to say, you’ll know what all the words mean by the end of it. It was a pun on the word ‘definition’, get over it, dear. Each week we’ll look at the:

  • Olde: The best words one can find in the English used by Shakespeare, Rowling and all the classics
  • #new: The worst modern words, according to the people who “use” them, in the loosest sense of the word.
  • ßørrøwed: The best foreign words that we really should have in English.
  • B**e: The truth in uncouth, the best swearing known to man, in any language. Of course, it being in a 3.40pm timeslot, none of it will be English.

Tune in!

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