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Youth and Loud

Youth and Loud
(Giving Youth a Voice on Radio)
Youth and Loud is a Suuuuuper cool radio show that airs every Saturday night from 8-9pm, on SYN 90.7fm. The show discusses some of the most prevalent issues relevant to Youth (such as family life, challenges at school, self-esteem issues, problems with anger, finding a job, and more). To find out more about this awesomly rad show feel free to join the facebook (by searching Youth and Loud) page and if you would like to be apart of the show, inbox Peter Salvador.

Family Principles                                                              Glenn Munso Interview

Mental Health with Johnny Brixton                              Freedom from 8 year Ice Addiction

Hope Amidst Suffering                                                   Looking After Yourself    

Pursuing Your Dream/Reaching your goals                 Body Image and Self-Acceptance 

Managing Anger                                                               Disability Awareness Part 2

Disability Awareness                                                      Hero Bianca Overcomes Ice

The Life and Lessons of Jack Sanders

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