Youth Gone Wild

Youth Gone Wild is ready to rock your box every Saturday night on C31!
Your weekly destination for hard rock and metal, Simon and Tomarch deliver thirty minutes of your favourite music clips as well as sketches, news, interviews and their own unique view of all that’s happening in the wild world of rock.

Bridging the gap from hard rockin’ veterans to new school metal heads, Youth Gone Wild will satisfy those with an ‘Appetite For Destruction’ as well as those who have only just learnt the art of shredding on their Guitar Hero controllers, We cater to those with an existing love affair with hard rock and we strive to introduce non believers to the majestic universe of metal!
So tune in every Saturday night at 11:30pm – Channel 31 Melbourne & Geelong!
Youth Gone Wild also airs on SYN radio on Thursday nights at 9pm. Tune in to hear both old classics and new releases from the masters of hard rock and metal!