SINGLE REVIEW: Dead Letter Circus ‘One Step’

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‘One Step’ is the first reveal from Brisbane band Dead Letter Circus’ upcoming album The Endless Mile. This release celebrates the ten-year anniversary of Dead Letter Circus’ debut EP, with ‘One Step’ being “the most stripped-back song [they have] ever made”. ‘One Step’ takes it back to basics on a foundation of piano and vocals, with vocalist Kim Benzie demonstrating his fantastic range. Added strings compliment this musical bed and contribute to the band’s classic layering sound, while lyrics such as “hate that we compromised just to grow closer” are relatable and emotionally heartfelt.

Since their inception, Dead Letter Circus have been an important and influential asset in the Australian alternative music scene. Their unique sound has challenged other musicians to experiment and find their own style, and although this is a different sounding release entirely for the band, they continue to showcase their creativity in new ways. ‘One Step’ is the beginning of a new age of Dead Letter Circus as they re-imagine different ways to create music.

Dead Letter Circus’ new album The Endless Mile is due on May 12th and will feature eleven songs, including an alternative take on their debut EP plus bonus re-worked tracks from their three LPs.

Words by Madeleine Kennedy.