SINGLE REVIEW – Gretta Ray – ‘Towers’


Melbourne singer-songwriter Gretta Ray stole hearts when she jumped into the local music scene last year. She was a Triple J Unearthed graduate and a top prize winner in the Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition. Her breakout single ‘Drive’ and debut EP Elsewhere received rave reviews nationwide, all while she studied in her final year of school.

Now Gretta Ray is turning heads once again with the release of her latest single ‘Towers’. Featuring similar alt-pop vibes as ‘Drive’, Gretta Ray continues to curate fun melodies to complement her appealing lyrics. Concept wise, ‘Drive’ and ‘Towers’ explore the same idea of unrequited love, though overall ‘Towers’ gives us a deeper insight into her songwriting abilities. Her storytelling expertise and creativity shine in this track with thought-provoking lyrics like “I was taller than a tower when I stayed within your sight… now I’m not afraid of heights” all throughout.

Musically, Gretta Ray’s charming vocals drive the song, but the gradual build-up of strings and percussion assist to tell the story. It feels as though you are in her head as the bed of acoustic guitar and piano takes you full circle.

Gretta Ray wants ‘Towers’ to be a theme for her debut album, which she will be working on throughout the year.

Gretta Ray will be performing at Howler on April 20th to launch the new single.

Words by Madeleine Kennedy