“Queen of Cool” and anything California-esque – Lana Del Rey has brought us a new single titled “Love”. After taking an extended 2 year “Honeymoon” from writing, Lana Del Rey has re-emerged with a delicate and uplifting tune, allowing us to dwell in her aesthetic, characterised by big hair and pouty lips.

In this track she strays away from urban beats and more towards a cinematic theme song approach, reminiscent of her song “Young & Beautiful”, which was featured in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby. In a similar way, “Love” stirs up imagery of the past, but by the second chorus it seems too cliché and lacks the shine of Del Rey’s lyrically motivated songs.

One cannot help but wonder if a future EP or album from Del Rey will see her stick to the doe-eyed, love sick style music or see her ideas realised in more charismatic ballads. The prelude echoes “you get ready / you get all dressed up / to go nowhere in particular…” and that lack of direction whilst engaging, suits the song for what it is.

Overall a sugary and sultry ballad. Not meaning it isn’t bad to consume every once in a while, but too much might leave you will a dull toothache.

Words by Rebecca “Becs” Maakasa


Stefan Bradley
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