SINGLE REVIEW: Tonight Alive – ‘World Away’

World Away

In amongst a busy touring schedule overseas, Tonight Alive have found the time to reveal their latest single ‘World Away’. This is the band’s first new music since their third studio album Limitless dropped a year ago. ‘World Away’ signifies a new era for the Sydney five-piece and has been described as “the sound of the next chapter of Tonight Alive”.

From the get-go you know ‘World Away’ is going to be a powerful track. Tonight Alive have combined their older punk musings with their newer pop sound to create a good balance of modern alternative rock and form an all-round resilient package. The simple rhythm guitar and drum beat combo works alongside an underlying catchy guitar riff to form an exciting composition that doesn’t distract from the vocals. Lead singer Jenna McDougall is known for her dynamic vocal range and she uses this to her advantage, curating the perfect vocal style for the song.

Tonight Alive have always written songs that deal with social issues, and ‘World Away’ is no exception. Starting with lyrics “I must’ve brought this on myself, ‘cause I’m not where I want to be” and ending with the inspiring “I know I’ll survive this, I’ll be the strongest person I know”, there is a progression of acceptance through the song. McDougall explains “’World Away’ is a continuation of (Tonight Alive’s) quest for self-understanding and empowerment, but this time through developing a personal relationship with darkness”.

‘World Away’ is our little taste of what’s to come for Tonight Alive, as the band sets up to record a new album in the coming months.

Words by Madeleine Kennedy.