Smack Talk – Episode Three

In the first Smack Talk this May, Jamo talks about his scheduled appearance at the ‘Sleep at the G’ initiative, where people are given the chance to experience a night ‘sleeping rough’ like a homeless person. The program is meant to build awareness for young people sleeping on the streets; and how we can potentially help these youth. The boys also discuss the positives of UBER, their favourite 1990’s cartoons and trivial interactions at work, whilst Josh has mixed thoughts on the new Gorillaz album ‘Humanz’.


  1. Rose of Sharon - Title Fight
  2. Entombed - Deftones
  3. Paint Pastel Princess - Silverchair
  4. Fever Queen - Nothing
  5. Baby Come Home - The Love Junkies
  6. Submission - Gorillaz
  7. Tension In The Ranks - Cave In
  8. Let Me Up - Cursive