Smack Talk – Episode Two

This week in Smack Talk (24/4), the trio discussed ANZAC Day and its meaning to them and other people. Australia’s involvement in foreign affairs is also dissected, whilst Jamo waxed lyrical about the positives of Melbourne’s late night transport, which had recently been upgraded to permanently involve 24-hour train services. As always, Don’t Get Me Started was a segment, this week concerning Scott’s perennial disdain for¬†authority figures at work.


  1. Cupid - The Big Moon
  2. Mascara - Killing Heidi
  3. Molly's Lips (Vaselines cover) - Nirvana
  4. New You - My Bloody Valentine
  5. All Access - The Garden
  6. Agoraphobia - Tired Lion
  7. Babes Never Die - Honeyblood
  8. Times Like This - JET