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E1: Sales! Sales! Sales!

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Would you buy all your clothes at full price? In our first episode, we hear from designer Jade Sarita Arnott of Arnsdorf, an Australian brand that’s doing away with sales, and ask whether our collective obsession with discounts is healthy for anyone involved.

Buying discounted clothing is easier than ever in our current fashion cycle. Forget end-of-season sales and Boxing Day. Now there’s mid-season sales, flash sales, cyber Monday and Vogue’s Online Shopping Night, just to name a few. At a time when spending on fashion is down, clothing stores are frequently slashing prices to grab our attention and compel us to open our wallets. But are they really giving us as good a deal as we believe? And are all these price drops distorting our perceptions of what it really costs to make clothing?

Also in this episode: Emma wonders ‘what’s up with the resurgence of mullets?’ and Amie makes a case for ‘menocore’ a.k.a dressing like Diane Lane in Under The Tuscan Sun.

Show notes:
‘Menocore’ Is as Much About Wealth as It Is About Age

August 19th 2018
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