The SYN staff carry out the administration and organisational management of SYN. These people work with our amazing volunteers to make SYN’s strategy come to life.

You can contact our great staff members via the info below, but PLEASE NOTE: content broadcast on SYN is not controlled by SYN staff, please contact our talks team at [email protected] for press releases and inquiries.

Campbell McNolty General Manager

Campbell McNolty

General Manager

[email protected]

Johan Lee

Operations Manager [Finance & IT]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Maddy Macquine

Community Manager

[email protected]

Molly George Membership Experience Manager

Molly George

Media Learning Manager

[email protected]

Merryn McDonnell

Media Learning Coordinator

[email protected]

 Erin Dick

Content Coordinator

[email protected]

SYN also employs casual trainers to deliver media learning experiences to students across Victoria.

If you are looking for any of our Radio, TV, Online or Talks managers or Executive Producers, meet them here.