Stare Back At Me By Stand Tall (EP) Review


Stare Back At Me By Stand Tall is an EP made in Melbourne Australia. The music is Punk Rock, post-punk, alternative rock and grunge punk. The EP is satisfying because of the aggressiveness and the instrumentals and effort within the vocals ranging from clean vocals to screams. None of the songs on the EP go beyond 4 minutes so it’s easier to listen to then longer music and stays truthful to the punk history of having shorter songs. Reviewer Selections are Still Years, Figures, Hate me and True Gaze.

Bandcamp Link:

Youtube Link to Still Years By Stand Tall:



  1. Unarmed - Stand Tall
  2. Don't Last - Stand Tall
  3. Figures - Stand Tall
  4. Hate me - Stand Tall
  5. Still years - Stand Tall
  6. True Gaze - Stand Tall
  7. New - Stand Tall


1.Unnamed 01:42
2.Don’t Last 03:18
3.Figures 03:07
4.Hate Me 02:48
5.Still Years 03:11
6.True Gaze 02:28
7.New 02:45


Jitan Chander