SYN Media Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Presenting SYN Media’s new Strategic Plan

Doing more of what SYN does best.

SYN is unique. It is the place for young people to learn media skills, create content and make their voices heard. The SYN Board is excited to present the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan which delivers more media training, builds strong community partnerships and backs young people to tell the stories that matter to them.

Most importantly, we will grow our vibrant community of volunteers and make SYN’s new house a home for young media producers.

SYN’s board and management spent months developing this plan with the advice and feedback of staff, volunteers and members. With each draft, SYN’s future came a little more into focus. For the next two years SYN is committed to providing the best experience for SYN members. We are taking full advantage of the opportunity for excellence and growth that our new media production space will offer.

That includes bolstering SYN Media Learning – our social enterprise -, where SYN will focus on working with more school students and connecting them to the entire SYN community. SYN’s volunteers will have more support to develop new podcasts and video productions in an inclusive and accessible space. We’re also committed to building stronger relationships with our key external partners – connecting them to our community to benefit our members and help SYN to grow.

This new phase in SYN’s life cycle is a chance to make SYN the very best that it can be. By focusing on our volunteers, on training and on making great media we are doing more of what SYN does best: elevating young people and their stories.

Rachael Dexter – President

Campbell McNolty – General Manager