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Study: D&D Games Last Longer Than Stranger Things Binge – P1NG


Three 14-year olds have hit a roadblock. They do everything together and have been friends for years.

Inevitably there’s going to be some arguments.

The gang had struggled over whether to play Dungeons & Dragons together or watch the latest season of Stranger Things.

Tommy had voted for Stranger Things, noting that the characters played D&D, and that the show was a fantasy world anyway, but was shut down.

“So we ended up playing D&D from 8pm till 4am.”

“This has become a weekly thing, but my time investment in these games are seeing fewer returns”

Tommy sent our reporter a text shortly before publishing, stating how angry he was after seeing a spoiler.

“I was only two bloody episodes in, check Reddit for five minutes, and BOOM, spoiler!”

“Didn’t even get to the D&D parts of the show.”

More to come.

Words by Stefan.
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