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The Subtle Art of Online Dating interview with Katie O’Connor

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The world wide web has turned the once-civil pursuit of courtship into, quite possibly, the most fraught and embarrassing experience a human can undertake. It’s a fact that writer and actor Katie O’Connor (pictured above, in black) knows well, having created a sketch show about her experiences: The Subtle Art of Online Dating.


Katie spoke with Art Smitten‘s Christian and Tom about the benefits of the sketch format; performing the show with friends Nerida Hannah, Maddie Roberts and Bonnie Ryan-Rowe; and the potential future plans for her creation.



The Subtle Art of Online Dating is being performed as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival at the Butterfly Club until Sunday, September 15th. More information and tickets can be found on the official websites for both Fringe and Butterfly Club.


Segment originally aired Wednesday, September 4th. Produced by Christian Tsoutsouvas; edited by Tom Parry.

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