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Sunday Brunch Podcast – Episode 2


Sunday Brunch is a-part of Get Cereal, SYN’s flagship breakfast show, you can catch Get Cereal 6am-9am week days on SYN 90.7FM. 

In this episode we are going to be hearing about the musical journey of Rebecca Maree who is a presenter on Get Cereal Thursday and is also a budding pop-star.

We are also going to be hearing an interview that fellow Synner Darcy Oliver did with Australian film maker Shane Abbess about his up-and-coming blockbuster ‘Infini’ staring fellow Australian actor, Daniel McPherson.

We are also going to be hearing an audio narrative called ‘Head Explosions Unit’ written by Ross Purdy from Get Cereal Monday. 

A big thank you to everyone involved in this episode!