Sunday Sweets: Elsie Lange – Adelaide


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Elsie Lange
Track: Adelaide
Words: Gabriela Caeli Sumampow

Melbourne based folk-pop singer songwriter Elsie Lange has released a new single. Adelaide is based on Lange’s personal experience, and it is a song that has “wholesome” written all over it.

This is Elsie’s first solo single, but if her voice has a familiar ring to you, you may know her from garage-pop band pting – where Lange is the band’s vocalist and guitarist – and her live shows with Elizabeth. 

Despite the fact that Adelaide explores what it means to be confused and far away from home, the song’s folk-y jangly guitars bring home to its listener’s ears. It’s simple and sweet, and Elsie’s soft and light vocals have a lullaby-like element that makes the song as warm as a fireplace in winter. 

For most of Elsie’s adult life, she said her family meets in Adelaide for Christmas – some of them coming from Melbourne, and some from Alice Springs. This warm, fuzzy nature of reuniting with family for Christmas is successfully recreated in this song. 

Even though this song talks about being far away from home, its soft instrumentals not only add a playful swing, this simplicity and light-ness also highlights an authenticity.

Listening to this song doesn’t only feel simply like a warm accompaniment for winter cuddle-fest with a favourite comforter or plushie, it feels like a story straight from the heart being told with an acoustic accompaniment – and it doesn’t get any more home-y than this.

All funds for Adelaide raised via Bandcamp up to July 22 will be donated to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (NATSILS). So what are you waiting for? Get your digital hands on Elsie Lange’s new single, and enjoy spending your winter with Adelaide.