Sunday Sweets: First Beige – Not Gonna Feel the Way You Asked For


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: First Beige
Track: Not Gonna Feel the Way You Asked For
Words: Marli Dean

Off the back of their 2019 EP ‘Mirrors’, the Brisbane based ensemble First Beige have returned with their new single ‘Not Gonna Feel the Way You Asked For’. Yet again, this is another infectiously groovy tune to dance around to.


An spontaneous improvisation session in early Jan lead the 6 piece to this three minute bundle of goodness. Carrying their psychedelic disco-funk with their layered synths and harmonious vocals, this new track reiterates the collective’s jazz fusion and funk influences.  


The track teases listeners for the first third of the song with subtle, sexy trumpet runs and galactic synth droplets but once the jazz-bass and jungle rhythms kick in, listeners will be bopping around in no time.


As the song continues, the vocals slowly drops off until you are left nodding to the melodic masterpiece of carefully curated mix of bass and rhythm and synths. Front man David Versace told press that this track in particular is “an ode to the brilliance of Josh (Keys) and Marley’s (Bass) ability to improvise – they are such killer musos”.


Following their run of support slots for the likes of Harvey Sutherland, Last Dinosaurs and Winston Surfshirt, First Beige started 2020 off with a bang, playing Laneway Festival (Brisbane) & the very last Party In The Paddock. They were since booked to play both Meadow Fest and Big Pineapple but following the development of COVID-19 in Australia, were both cancelled and post-poned to a later date.


Thanks to the easing of restrictions in the boys sunshine state of Queensland however, the Brisbane band is warming up to play their first social distanced gig as apart of the line up to the iconic Brisbane venue The Zoo’s opening physical distancing concert.


There is no doubt once First Beige jump back on the festival circuit, dance tents around the nation will be down-right vibing with the soft grooves and jazzy colours that are embodied by ‘Not Gonna Feel the Way You Asked For’.