Sunday Sweets: Golden Vessel – littlebitwild (feat. Mallrat)


Artist: Golden Vessel X Mallrat
Track: littlebitwild
Type: local
Words: Ryan William Hall

If dreamy, ethereal pop brewed together with a hint of smooth hip-hop is your kind of thing, Golden Vessel is here to deliver the goods. 

In anticipation of his sophomore album ‘Colt,’ Golden Vessel delivers his new single ‘littlebitwild,’ a collaboration with Mallrat that radiates pure nostalgic energy. ‘littlebitwild’ evokes the same feeling you might get as a fifteen year old staying up until 3am, blasting music through your headphones and wondering about the concept of time and your place in the world. Don’t pretend you haven’t been there.

Golden Vessel’s soft, lo-fi musical style makes this track a joy to listen to. ‘littlebitwild’ has Vessel’s notorious dream-like synths and a delicate tone that’ll captivate you right away. The breezy production is complemented by the dulcet vocal performance from Mallrat, who fits this song’s vibe to a tee. This is a great song on it’s own, but a splash of Mallrat really makes everything a little bit better. The cherry on top is a beat that’ll make you want to pop a little groove as much as it’ll make you want to mellow out. 

The lyrical content of ‘littlebitwild’ tells us a story of the love, sadness, chaos and optimism that comes with growing up. The chorus “hey / little big wild / with your big eyes /  like a big child” reads like a classic coming-of-age movie and tugs at youthful, nostalgic strings. Without hesitation, this song captures the feeling of wanting to charge into the unknowns of life. Honestly, ‘littlebitwild’ might be a bit too mellow to light up a houseparty, but it’d be right at home on a teen film soundtrack. 

It’s a great taste of things to come from Golden Vessel and a real treat to hear him and Mallrat putting out such a flavourful track.