Sunday Sweets: IDLES – A Hymn


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: IDLES
Track: A Hymn

Words: Saskia Morrison-Thiagu

Ahead of their upcoming album ‘Ultra Mono’, IDLES have given us a taste of what’s to come with singles ‘Mr Motivator’,  ‘Grounds’, and most recently, ‘A Hymn’. The LP is set for release on September 25th and promises to be just as tongue-in-cheek and emotionally jarring as their 2018 album, ‘Joy is an Act of Resistance’. 

‘A Hymn’ is an exploration of the inner self, and working to become a better person. Front man Joe Talbot touches on personal issues through his poignant and emotional lyrics; “I want to be loved / Everybody does / I find shame in the crack-like corpse un-cadaver reign”. Unlike the singles that came before it, ‘A Hymn’ is less gritty and more restrained, almost like a ballad. 

This band from Bristol have a unique way of making issues, like Brexit and racism in the UK, relatable to the rest of the world.  IDLES present an eerily melancholy style of punk that you can’t help but pay attention to. It’s what has made them so successful on the world stage. 

‘A Hymn’ is ultimately about shame and self doubt, which are universal feelings I think we can all relate to in some way.