Sunday Sweets: Jade Imagine – Coastal Pines

jade imagine

Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Jade Imagine
Song: Coastal Pines

Written by Cat Marshall

Jade Imagine return with a sweet new single ‘Coastal Pines,’ from their forthcoming EP ‘You Remind Me Of Something I Lost’, due for release on June 5 through Milk! Records / Remote Control.


‘Coastal Pines’ is indie rock at its best. It evokes images of relaxing on a beach chair, or taking a road trip to the seaside. The guitars and synths provide a summery and somewhat mysterious atmosphere, which pair nicely with dreamy pop vocals. If only we could all let our hair down, drive to the coast and lose ourselves for a while.


Singer Jade McInally explains that the inspiration for the song was, “the never-ending struggle between the city and the ocean pulling in two different directions.”

“It’s a song about the head versus the heart,” she said.


The accompanying music video is a compilation of footage taken by the band on tour and edited remotely by both McInally and drummer James Harvey. McInally reflected on the process stating, “it was a strange feeling pouring over all this tour footage from the past couple of years from the distance of our own separate houses and remembering all the amazing things we’ve been a part of.”


“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to release this clip for Coastal Pines containing my best friends and some of my most favourite places in the whole world. Who knows when we’ll get back there, but at least it’s nice to reminisce…”


Coming off the back of an amazing 2019, in which the band released and toured their debut album ‘Basic Love’, as well as supported Stella Donnelly and Pond in the UK, it’s exciting to see what the young band have in store for the rest of 2020.


We will soon find out when Jade Imagine’s EP ‘You Remind Me Of Something I Lost’ drops on June 5.