Sunday Sweets: Jamie XX – Idontknow


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Jaime XX
Track: Idontknow

5 years since the release of the gorgeous electronic landmark ‘In Colour’, London legend Jamie XX has finally returned. Since then he has remained quiet, emerging only briefly to work on the latest album by his little known band The xx. 

5 years on and not much has changed, and I mean that in the best way possible. 

Jamie brings a heavy chaotic mix of UK Bass, IDM, Jungle and Hardcore Breaks that builds gently. Adding element upon element. Starting with dusty, Burial styled drums before utilising long anxious, robotic synths and a spliced, distorted vocal sample reminiscent of 2000s euro-trance or something Skrillex may have done 10 years ago. 

The track oozes of energy, with off kilter drum patterns, and a disorienting use of panning. In combination with percussion and vocals of uncertain origin creating a buzzing, international vibe like something Talking Heads may have made if formed in the 10s rather than the 80s. 

The track feels like a homage to rave culture and is deliberately anti-commercial in a way reminiscent of Disclosure’s output since Caracal. 

While the track may not soar into the charts like the singles from ‘In Colour’, ‘Idontknow’ acts as a strong and banging reminder of Jamie’s immense skill and ability to craft wholly unique soundscapes and textures, that are equally suited to headphones alone in isolation as on the dance floor once they finally reemerge. 


Written by Matt Thorley