Sunday Sweets: Karate Boogaloo – Carn the Boogers



Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Karate Boogaloo
Album: Carn the Boogers


Melbourne’s Karate Boogaloo return with a blissful piece of funky jazz. Intricately spacious, yet bouncy and bright, like a sunny day at the footy. The comfortable, relatable feeling of a local cult favourite bursts through the albums cover art. The only words on the album are the eponymous, fan-created chant, “Carn the Boogers” on ‘Hump Day Hymn’. Creating a strong ‘support your local artist’ energy that inspires joy throughout the record. 

The Boog’s have made a name for themselves within the local scene over the past year, touring groovily and relentlessly. With a leading time slot at this year’s Meredith Music Festival providing a golden opportunity to slide into the hearts of Melbourne’s music loving community. 


Karate Boogaloo craft light and pretty jazz-funk numbers, with a wide array of psychedelic tinge, synths and world sounds, creating a similarly entrancing vibe to the compositions of fellow Melbourne jazz group Mildlife. This feels like elevator music in a building entirely comprised of elevators, where the headline activity is riding up and down, listening to chilled tunes with your friends. No destination, just relaxing and grooving.  


Whilst finding a comfortable and consistent sound, the album still experiments and moves more than enough to remain captivating. Utilising playful effects, sounds and song titles that fill the lyric-less record with personality. 

Elevated far beyond the backhanded compliment of being ‘good background music’ through an eclectic array of influences. Ranging from prog-rock styled guitar licks and progressions, funky Stevie Wonder worshipping keyboard work, washed out synths and rolling organs that evoke the soulful sounds of a gospel church’s Sunday service. Even dipping into avant-garde jazz with an abrasive noise section on ‘Haunted Boat’, before shifting to relaxing Santo & Johnny styled surf rock on ‘Poppy’.


On ‘Carn the Boogers’, Karate Boogaloo’s name aptly describes the playful, punchy funk enclosed within. Radiating with positive energy. The only frustrating part of the record is that we’ll still have to wait a while to boogie along with the band in a live setting!

Written by Matt Thorely