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This past Sweet 16 was the last for February 2015, and represented a great collective of new local and international music that has been released over the past month.As always, this 16-track selection of our favourite new tunes had music to please all ears, but also included more than a few electronica, R&B and indie-rock songs.

One track that highlighted the brilliant Hip-Hop & Soul music being produced in the local music industry was ‘Lotus Flowers’  by Mosè + The FMLY. This is a project of Melbourne-based rapper Mosè collaborating with 5-piece soul band gathered up by Mosè himself. ‘Lotus Flower’ is brilliant composition of soulful R&B and Hip Hop music that will be included in the group’s upcoming EP, due to be release later this year.

The glamorous Melbourne trio, Pearls, took the spot of our Australian Feature Album for the week with their fantastic debut album ‘Pretend You’re Mine’. In addition, American Hip Hop duo THEESatisfaction’s new album ‘EarthEE’ was spun all week long on SYN as our International Feature Album.

Holly, Abbey & Maddy also rewound back to August 2014, when Melbourne artist Coach Bombay‘s single ‘Girl’s was one of SYN’s Sweet 16. This fun electronica-pop song is part of Coach Bombay (Terry Mann)’s latest album ‘Sunshine’ which was released on February 24th.

Tune into Sunday Sweets next week to hear what local and international new releases made SYN’s Sweet 16 & Feature Albums for that past week!




  1. Good Old Days – Jim Lawrie
  2. Some Things Never Seem To F***ing Work – Kindness
  3. Stages Of Fear – Crepes
  4. Jewels Are Just Lumps – Alyx Dennison 
  5. Emotional – Snoh 
  6. Not Cute Anymore – Carb On Carb
  7. Me & My Girl – Pearls (Aus Feature Album)
  8. Big Shot – Pearls (Aus Feature Album)
  9. Euthanise Me – Clowns
  10. Call The Days – Nadia Reid
  11. Mad As Hell – Damn Vandals
  12. In The Winter – Floris Bates


  1. Survival – Kids At Midnight
  2. Rituals – Mairbou State
  3. Kindgom Leader – BOO SEEKA
  4. WerQ – THEESatisfaction (Intl Feature Album)
  5. Nature Candy – THEESatisfaction (Intl Feature Album)
  6. Planet For Sale – THEESatisfaction (Intl Feature Album)
  7. Braver – Edward Francis
  8. To Die In LA – Lower Dens
  9. Lotus Flower – Mosè + The FMLY
  10. Girls – Coach Bombay (Flashback Sweet 16)



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