Sunday Sweets: OKENYO – Houston


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: OKENYO
Track: Houston
Words: Gabriela Caeli Sumampow



As winter arrives, OKENYO warms up the chilling season with Houston – straight out of her new EP entitled Solo.


Isolation life has given us mixed feelings and uncertainties. There is hope, but at the same time there may not be. These are the feelings OKENYO explores in her new EP – the juxtaposition of hopefulness and hopelessness. After all, iso-life was OKENYO’s inspiration for this EP. 


Houston is a warm, homely track, suitable for fuzzy, comfy winter nights. The song kicks off with a lofi-like vibe, which allows OKENYO’s varying vocal techniques to shine. While she switches between rapping, singing, and somewhere in between, the instrumentals, especially the bassline, are not overwhelming. Every component of this song shines equally, and when combined together they make the perfect isolation anthem. 


This track portrays the experience of missing someone, an undoubtedly relatable aspect in isolation. Although it highlights sad connotations, especially with OKENYO’s emotive singing, the chilling instrumentals sprinkle some sort of warmth to console the longing. 


They say music is one of the most effective ways of communicating feelings and thoughts, and OKENYO has used this possibility to the max. She encourages empathy through this song – because after all, we do have someone we miss when we’re confined to one house, one room, or even one country with closed borders. 


From the layering vocals in the chorus, to the lofi-like effec,t to OKENYO’s rap at the first verse; beauty and warmth is the highlight of this song.  According to her media release, we’ll be seeing “a further progression from OKENYO in the later part of 2020, with a brand new conceptual body of work”. 


With Houston and Solo already being a tender, top-notch isolation EP, it’s no surprise that OKENYO’s upcoming works later this year will touch our hearts again.