Sunday Sweets: Parsnip – Adding Up


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Parsnip
Track: Adding Up

They conquered a massive North American tour on the back of their 2019 full-length ‘When The Trees Bare Fruit’, dazzled The Supernatural Amphitheatre at this year’s Golden Plains, and now Parsnip continue their hot streak into 2020 with the announcement of their new 7” EP ‘Adding Up’, out via Anti-Fade Records on May 15.

The EP’s title single was released into the world last week, and is another gem in the Melbourne four-piece’s crown of stylish pop-rock. Hit play on ‘Adding Up’ and you’ll be swept into their slightly absurd world of glitter and glamour as sunny melodies bip and bop away. The hooks are as catchy ever and the song’s charismatic rhythm shows off the band’s full-of-fun delight.

While we might only just be recovering from the fruit and veg playfulness of Parsnip’s debut album, this quick arrival this track demonstrates their punchy prowess and confirms that they can continue to do what they know best in a new shape and size. ‘Adding Up’ is a sweet new ditty and a great  indication that the forthcoming EP will see many spins across their far-reaching fanbase and new listeners alike.

Adding Up 7” is available now for physical and digital pre-order on Parsnip’s bandcamp.

Written by Sally Lewis