Sunday Sweets: Party Dozen – The Great Ape

Party Dozen

Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Party Dozen
The Great Ape

This is the song that will play when the apocalypse comes. Sax roaring like sirens. Drums thunderous as if the ground is lifting from underneath us. Feet pounding in panic. Toilet paper gone. What a scene! 

‘The Great Ape’, is the second single from Sydney-based noise duo, Party Dozen’s highly anticipated second album, ‘Pray for Party Dozen’. The self-produced project will be released on May 22 through their own label, Grupo Records.

This power-pocalyptic track is a thrashing beast, with Kirsty Tickle’s howling saxophone and Jonathan Boulet, wrestling with drums and sampling, relishing in doom and gloom. The pair build sonic chaos both in their recordings and live performances.Before the world ends, say a prayer for Party Dozen.


Written by Jasmine Alavuk