Sunday Sweets: Private Function – I Don’t Want To Make Out With You


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Private Function
Track: I Don’t Want To Make Out With You
Words: Saskia Morrison Thiagu


Off the back of their debut LP ‘St Anger’, Private Function have released a punchy new single to help lift our spirits. ‘I Don’t Want To Make Out With You’ is a banger from start to finish. 


In true Punk fashion, ‘I Don’t Want To Make Out With You’ flies by in just a minute a half – leaving the listener begging for more. Similarly, to their previous work, Private Function tell it like it is. With song titles like ‘I Wish Australia Had it’s Guns Again’ and ‘God Save The King Hit’ there’s no need to read between the lines; the lyrics speak for itself. 


Private Function have mastered the thumping guitar hook and angry shout, making a simple yet often political point. It’s what make their songs so fun to listen to and why their live shows literally go off. This latest single is everything we’ve come to expect from Private Function – fun, gritty and raw.


‘I Don’t Want To Make Out With You’ gives the listener permission to chicken out of making out with someone at a party. I wish this song was around when I was in high school, because it might have saved me from some bad hook-ups. 


Love the track. Love the band. Can’t wait to see what they pull out next.