Sunday Sweets: Sophisticated Dingo – What Is Going On


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Sophisticated Dingo
Track: What Is Going On
Words: Saskia Morrison-Thiagu

Following the release of their debut EP, ‘Tastes Like the Real Thing’ in 2018, Sophisticated Dingo are back at it again with two incredible new singles ‘Vultures’, and most recently ‘What Is Going On?’.


The latter single from the duo is enjoyable from start to finish. The guitar riffs are catchy and uplifting, while the drum beats are punchy and resonant. Sophisticated Dingo’s self-proclaimed trash pop sound is what makes their music so catchy. They are comparable to bands like Wavves and FIDLAR. The Dingo’s encompass this indie rock sound – but with evident Australian undertones.


‘What Is Going On?’ is the perfect theme song for the year 2020. While we socially distance, wearing our face masks, and sanitise our hands,  we are all wondering; what is going on 2020?


In an interview, Sophisticated Dingo revealed what is actually going on in the track. Ultimately, it’s about  “copping rubbish opinions about how you live our life from someone who doesn’t have an opinion that matters”.


The music video brings even more life to this already upbeat and cheerful song. It sees Jimmy and Lew playing out a scenario that seems to be a nod to The Sixth Sense. Don’t forget to watch until the end, because the final bit of dialogue is GOLD.


Sophisticated Dingo truly pack a punch with their new single ‘What Is Going On?’ – making them defiantly one to watch.